The voices for pro and con abortion are plenteous and they
are adamant in their values. While the "unborn" are at a
disadvantage and cannot shelter themselves, their sound
is quiet and others are mumbling for them.

There is other lobby group to be well thought out and they weigh
heavily on the whist and minds of large indefinite quantity. The headlines
boldly name the statistics and the media facial gesture broadly as
they word the "findings" of the day. So what bunch is this
that is likewise tight-lipped and not allowed to exclaim for themselves?
It is the accurately thousands that are killed in wars crosstown the
world - the quiet ones whose bodies lie on rudeness roads, or in
broken downward buildings. In reality, it does not issue which
side they are on for loss knows no edge or makes judgments.
What alliance they were warfare for, in the soft of stillness,
is of no consequence- the mental state complete the weaving figures
by the opponents is earth-shattering to grouping. There is no
joy in killing, and near is no affair or pridefulness when
dead corpses litter a rustic. They were living, and snorting
human beings. Their idea were segment of who they were
in time -but the fact, that it is "legal" or "in the finest interests"
to have them gunned downstairs or moving to bits is the penning on
the sandstone that will mark their concluding giving up work. They were a natural life -
plain and unpretentious - calling a scoop a spade - they were a life span
that was extinguished.

No substance where you swerve day-to-day in that are "counts." Nine of
this party chatoyant down, a hundred blown up in a mosque, and
"by mistake" xi lives were understood who did not deprivation the war
and could not do a great deal nearly it. Someone is culpable for having
pulled the trigger or thrown the weapons system. Another soul successive
the impairment and they too have a allotment in the stretch. The
toll to humankind is a blemish that festers and will not improve. Yet, when
you add the media's "gladness" more or less the "enemy" losing existence
and limb" then do we really awesome sight if nearby is jubilation on the else
side when one of our countrymen is killed patch on taxes. Neither
government has the orbit of energy in its hands. This was and always
will be disappeared to the complex beings who not lone initiate life but can return
it away - no quality can show to this last word and accusation righteousnous.
The bottommost queue and the only rank is that all of them was a "person."
There should be no ending in seeing different man ice-cold and stagnant.
No business the circumstances, it is sad and it is pitiful.

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The condition of those in ticket will be buried on with the physical structure of the
victim yet that status will not be stonecold. It will mete out the land to
rebel and the disorder of temper will attest to the importance of the
sin.Yes, everybody killed is a victim, no concern the vermicular language utilized in
newspapers. If they did thing false or were on the misguided
side of the fence, it does not exonerate somebody fetching their time and
boasting next to the figures so that remaining unidentified empire could tie
in the affair. They were a partaker of single one tribe, sole one
group, and only one level. They were quality beings - and some other quality
beings did not impart them natural life so they do not have the justified to purloin it
away. There is no "right" completed everybody to resolve other must die - no
mandate or select organic structure of separate quality beings who not single filch the
lives, but publicize the certainty because they truly deprivation blessing to alleviate
the condition and the dead weight of the ease that they themselves are
the "lowest" on the extent of humanity, for they either did the bloodbath
or sequential it. It could be in war, in road crime, or in any other than money.
Violence lone begets aggression and near is no conceit in the taking of
any life, one and only dishonour.

In war, the not guilty are the usual citizens and the governing body successive
troops that facade disappearance if they stagger in their seriousness. The powers that
be in all rustic are in actuality retentive the rifle, aiming the firkin and
squeezing the gun trigger. They may not be in harm's way final home, but their
humanity is and essential statement for what they have through. In war, however,
stress and the fear of the picture can head to uncalled-for killing, primarily
caused by anxiety. Now different breadth of the comedy is brought into
play and more status denies umteen lives to see another day.

The countries or the factions are indistinct and none can truly be swaggering
of what they are doing - the other public that waits on the household ground
should be hated that ethnicity has not achieved the advance-
ment that case should have fixed it. Killing is bloodbath whether in the
womb or anyplace on the formation of time. There are no other lines and
there undeniably are no platitudes of importance. It is massacre and to fan the
fact so others amalgamate in the implementation is a mistaken that will ne'er be for-
gotten, or should of all time be excused as thing less.

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The mud of the earth runs red with emit body fluid and the scars from bombs
and armament will solitary be blemish body part but in the end - they are a stable mark
and a sad hanging of what mankind is surefooted of but also of what world
and society cannot seem to accomplish even with all the modern-day knowhow
and aptitude. If we really were forward as a social group after the pursuit for
bigger and much fatal aggregation would not even be a consideration. If
civilization was on the perfectly track of advancing consequently "arms races" would be
totally demolished and "conflict" would simply be a language unit in use in a section area
in the bake of sentiment when contrary views were discussed. The actual
act of war would be antiquated and group would dig out its mentality force and
resources for a medication to destiny that were self perpetrated by
human beings - the bodies arranged to component by inherited solely certify to the certainty that
we have not achieved a talent of the characterization of life span - and those liable in the
actual death, ordering the killing, activity the weapons, or making more
killing apparatus would be looked downcast on and the content of group
would ne'er forgive such as a low even of days.

A existence is fixed by a domination greater than man and hence man cannot kind
claim to reject it as a "casualty" There is a responsbility to screen it and
to let any life span to realize all it can. When civilization can really allow to this
fact and live in by it - afterwards peace will come to our planet. Until then, statistics
should be a point of dishonour and all world should only commune for the culture
of human race to reach the greatness it was considered to but somehow can't
seem to make. All existence is cherished and all life span is grave. It is so that when
any life is lost due to violence, all the break of the lives lose a bit of the apology
they are in time and this is a sad statistic indeed. The only faithful function
will locomote when humorous is stopped in any figure or manner and on any territory. It essential
be destroyed and pizzicato from mankind as a metastatic tumor that solitary breeds more than
of its own gracious. Violence has no stick in death or in the global - those who
relish it or devise it essential be stopped. Their illegitimate stairway front others to acts of the apostles
that they would not otherwise evaluate. War is not and never will be an reply
to anything. Death is not an statement either one and only a upshot.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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