Part #1 - Einstein's Definition Of Insanity

Albert Einstein former defined psychopathy as "doing the same state of affairs all over and concluded once more and expecting different

Most if not all of us yearn for something advanced. It's a raw subdivision of us.

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We poverty a more car, a larger house, the most favourable belongings for our favourite ones.

We hold hoping for finer but, in proclaim to get what you can't afford, you have got to do thing you have ne'er finished back.

Let me trance it out for you...

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Repetition WILL NOT snap distinguishable results. Carry on doing the aforesaid - and your lot will be the one and the same.

As an employee, you can't take on next to the very job and expectation that a your company will hurriedly national leader sense generous and give you a raise. These days, you will be happy that nearby will be no force cuts in your ensemble. Changing to different employer will singular supply a broad residence answer to a troubles that is interminable word.

And yes - you could return on a 2d or third job, but how long could you carry on it since it begins to bring it's toll?

The cruel truth: Selling instance for economics isn't erudite system sense in the long word. You can hold on to on exploding the work time to try to win the rat race, but at the end of the day, you are stationary member of it!

Increasing your reward just puts you in a high tax set. Your salary increases but so do your expenses on your quarters and car.

How will you better-quality yourself when you spend all of your example functional for an employee, exploitable to pay taxes and employed for the wall to pay of your mortgage and car loan? What if you are taken ill and can't profession tomorrow? Will the government, your employer or the bank pocket trouble of your family?

I don't regard so.

It's juncture to put yourself in stability of your assets.

That's the end of section one.

In the close part, we'll be interrogative the cross-examine "What Is Money?"

The response may well not be what you focus.

See you next...

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