I believe it would be safe to say that the installation commercial enterprise is one of the greatest gross producers in today's ultramodern economies.

Millions upon trillions of snobby traveller vehicles law the highways and countrified anchorage in countries say the international.

Automotive reconditioning services, for the retail car/truck dealer, bring in consequential financial gain opportunities for fit trained, significantly impelled entrepreneurs.

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There are several categories in the automotive vehicle reconditioning field. These categories include:

1) Leather Repair and Reconditioning

2) Vinyl and Plastics Repair and Reconditioning

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3) Paint Touch-up

4) Paintless Dent Removal

5) Alloy Wheel Repair

6) Windshield Repair

7) Gold Plating Services

8) Mobile Detailing Services

As a journeyman of automobile reconditioning, in the retail car business concern in the US, I imagine there is more than opportunity in these industries than of all time earlier.

Why Now?

Over the last 25 years, we have witnessed numerous changes in the reconditioning sector of the motorcar commercial enterprise. The climate and situation of the "recon vendor" has hardened spectacular transmute.

We have seen a leave-taking from the "craftsmanship approach" to these significantly specialized employment. The new tendency has change state franchising. In the closing 10 years, the
"comprehensive franchising" opinion to this industry has had large negative issue.

These "comprehensive franchises" swear an oath their franchisees training, maintain and expertness in all aspects of car recon. As a result, they make gigantic book of numbers of total technicians who can not execute any of the services capably.

For the well-read runner exploring the opportunities untaken in this industry, it is at liberty that franchising is a impecunious assessment. With seemly research, one can brainwave the best products accessible for all of the auto recon provision sectors. The manufacturers of these products will readily confer full grounding proper to their products. This eliminates the have need of for the 3rd delegation hub man.... the franchiser.

The funds it takes to acquisition a franchise agreement, is amended worn-out tooling up as an on his own seller. Not single will you put in smaller number riches to get your new venture started, you will not have the franchiser earning a proportion of YOUR financial gain.


Take the time, do your homework! Contact a eligible authority in the commercial enterprise for reports and straw poll.


No thing how skilful you may ponder yourself to be, initiation bit by bit. Pick one plane figure in the industry that interests you and enter upon within.

When you have perfect that fastidious craft, add different.

Study Sales Techniques!

Read several of the starring publications on income techniques and procedure your tilt.


1. Qualify (make in no doubt the party you are merchandising has the sway to purchase)

2. Demonstrate (provide demonstrations of your products and employment)

3. Cost Justify (successfully acting your specialised service will warrant your damage)

4. Close the Sale (superior running and client pay will ensure repeat company)

Now, much than ever, near is large possibility in the motor vehicle reconditioning feature commercial enterprise. This is due to the undreamed emergency for well-qualified craftsmen.

For minimal start-up costs, you can hold supremacy of the contemporary situation in the car reconditioning pay commercial enterprise and CASH IN!

Copyright 2004 David Ridge - All Rights Reserved

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