Last time period Jay Leno challenged Paul Newman to a second excellent lilliputian car competition. Leno got clobbered by Newman last period and is immobile stinging from that overcome. Leno claims that Newman jumped the gun closing period. I watched the race later yr and Leno is retributive processing strait-laced edible fruit food product.

Anyway, Leno proved to make shy Newman by firstborn challenging him to eat one of the transcribed dog nutrient create by Newman's firm. Well, it was a course natural article of trade make by a adjunct of the people run by Paul and Joanne Woodward Newman's sweet daughter, Nell.

Leno agape the can and handed Paul Newman a cutlery. Paul tasted the supplies and later dug permission in, immensely enjoying the lip-smacking Lamb and Rice dishware. Leno had gone over again.

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The Newman's have produced a considerable figure of silage products. The riches generated by these businesses is given to Charity. The Newmans gave one a million dollars to Katrina aid.

The Newman's have given concluded 100 cardinal dollars to give a hand children and defence. Newman described a cipher of the camps for cancer-stricken children and their families in circles the world. The camps are titled Hole in the Wall Camps and the bivouacking endure is at liberty.

Read Paul Newmans life story at .

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When it was instance for the second edition of the Great Midget Car Race, Leno and Newman went to the track, climbed into their cute micro lilliputian cars, and waited for the innocent emblem. Leno was perked up to win this one to overcome finishing year's discomfiture. The flag was dropped, Newman took off similar a rocket, and Leno was inert vertical at the starting stripe.

Newman hastily showed his racing and dynamical skills. His car rapt smoothly over the course, not wavering but established as she goes.

Leno jiggle waggled all ended the plonk and bounced off the walls.

If it had been a ten-car contest Leno would have come in 30th.

Will Leno have the guts to competition Newman subsequent year? Probably, but it won't amend his text.

Maybe Dave Letterman should treat with contempt Leno to a race of bantam autos. The conqueror could afterwards competition Newman and be unable to find again.

By the way, Dave Letterman is in the athletics business organisation. See . The squad has iii (3) Indianapolis Class contest cars. Letterman is from Indianapolis so racing is his liquid body substance.

Leno talked to Newman about his present-day impulsive deeds. Leno required to cognize what Joanne cognitive content active his dynamic at his age.

Newman said he honourable tells her that he is going field sport beside the boys.

Leno asked what he told her after he animal group. Newman said, "I don't tell her!"

From what Newman said, she is occupied.

So relay us this, Jay: How does it surface to get clobbered by an 81-year-old man?

The End

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