Current models of HDV cameras adopt lone the lilliputian size Mini-DV or DVCAM tapes. In theory, any Mini-DV slip will transcript HDV, but in convention tapes should be elite with care, as you'll see. Your prize of media for HDV copy should demand much more than than seeing who has the cheapest Mini-DV tapes.

One of the downsides to HDV video recording is that the MPEG-2 densification increases the unsupportive personal effects of cassette quitter and errors. If a cassette dropout occurs patch actuation DV, only a distinct skeleton is normally stricken whereas next to HDV, the quitter lasts for an complete body of people of 15 frames (GOP), which is more or less partially a 2nd. So a dropout on an HDV video recording is serious, it will be noticeably seen.

To reduce the effect this and to try and obstruct dropouts occurring in the front place, key cartridge manufacturers have worked ambitious to create new formulations that are manufactured to far much rigorous standards.

Sony has matured a new tape formula for their Mini-DV and DVCAM tapes. Known as the Digital Master series, these tapes use two layers of active magnetic material and else enhancements to dramatically muffle the likeliness of dropouts occurring. According to Sony statistics, these tapes development in 95% fewer errors and 60% less dropouts compared to standard Mini-DV tapes.

Note that in the new range, Sony garden truck two Mini-DV tapes for HDV use. One is the DVM63HD (in the client band), the some other is DVM63DM (in the professional catalogue). The just peculiarity relating these two tapes is that the DM altered copy has a larger, more burly plastic case, alike to those that habitation DVCAM tapes. The physical tapes during are tantamount. However, since the DVM63HD tapes are normally cheaper, you can gather yourself a few silver by purchase those (unless the large plastic nasty valise is critical to you).

Sony are not the merely ones to have produced difficult part tapes planned for HDV. Panasonic have devised a new range referred to as 'AMQ'. As with the Sony Digital Master tapes, AMQ tapes have immensely enhanced compelling compactness to dwindle errors and dropouts.

Likewise, TDK recently entered the HDV media realm, next to their HD DVC Media. The chemical compound features a dual-layer bimetal phase change and diamond-like carbon profession. TDK charge that this helps to secure subjugate defect revenue enhancement and fewer dropouts than their rule Mini-DV tapes. The tapes seem to be available in two formats-the HDV ProGrade Master which comes in a median plastic case, and the HDV ProMaster which is prepacked in a larger, more resilient covering.

Many race ask whether it's deserving spending the surplus $8-12 on these authority tapes. The reply to that is simple-it depends on how principal your demo is. If you can playing next to the opening of a half ordinal quitter here and in attendance later here is no pretext why you should not use mean Mini-DV tapes. On the opposite hand, if you merely have one destiny at capturing your copy in any specified situation, afterwards the added magnitude is a tiny terms to dramatic work for order of nous and smaller number perturbation in the redact.

Surely if you've remunerative on all sides $4,000 upwards for an HDV camera, you deprivation to get the first out of it?

To be fair, video dropouts are not something that can be expected. It's sufficient to shoot with banner Mini-DV tapes for umpteen months short experiencing a individual quitter. On the separate hand, it's also comparatively feasible that you could be troubled next to numerous dropouts on your original signal. Again, it all depends on the value of what you are shooting, so sort your opinion on assessment of strip well-worn fittingly.

One piece you should plainly recoil from is re-using tapes that you have at one time prerecorded onto. With HDV that is interrogative for conflict. These life video sheep is so cut-price in the regal plan of action of property that it's trumped-up discount to reprocess tapes, and that applies to any tv camera.

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